"the only thing i like better than talking about food is eating" - John Walters

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We understand that there are many questions about your culinary stroll throughout Puerto Escondido. This section will tell you more about what to expect before and during your tour.

Before your Tour

What do I need to bring?

Comfortable shoes, an appetite and a big smile for your tour guide if they rock. In sunny days we recommend some sun lotion

Can we bring cameras? Can I take pictures?

Yes you can! We strongly encourage participants to take pictures so that they can remember this fun cultural experience. You can also share your pictures on Instagram and Twitter using our hashtag #puertofoodtours . FYI but don´t worry, your guide brings a camera and send you the pics later.

Where does the tour begin? how do we get there? What time should I arrive?

We´ll send you all the info and map in the confirmation email after booking. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start time of the tour, to ensure that the tour can start right on time.

I’m a vegetarian, will there be food for me to eat?

On the Food Tours we are unable to accommodate vegetarians, vegans, gluten or dairy intolerance.

What if I have food allergies or dietary restrictions?

Please be sure and let us know if you (or anyone in your group) has a dietary restriction or allergy when you purchase your tickets.

Is there a better time to take the tour?

A good rule of thumb is to take the tour at the beginning of your visit. This way, you’ll have time during your stay to revisit your favourite spots and redeem your Coupons

Your Tour

What places will we go on the tour?

We have over 60 locations that we work with. Tours do change from time to time so we currently don’t list our lineup for each tour. Besides where is the fun in that?

Do I need to tip? additional costs?

The tour price includes all food, taxes and ____ . The tour guide tip is optional and appreciated. Tips in the locations are not mandatory, but very appreciated. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 15%-20%.

Will I be able to drink anything on the tour?

Yes, there is fresh water available at every food stop. There are some tours that include a tequila or mezcal tastings. Any alcohol must be purchased separately by the guest.

What kind of food do we eat?

You will have the opportunity to enjoy various foods and beverages that locals enjoy. Items may range from seafood to food from heaven. Local classics, specialty food shops, but mostly Mexican cuisine spots are visited on our tour. The result is a vast sampling of latin, fresh, and cultural foods. You can take a look at the “more about this tour” page, to see what their menu is like for a more in depth idea.

How much food will I eat on the tour?

Our tours include 10-12 tastings, with small portions at each stop. This will not fill you up for the day, but serves enough food that for most participants, lunch afterward is not necessary.

Can I shop during the tour?

In order to maintain our food tasting schedule, it is important to refrain from shopping until after the tour. Chances are you will see something exquisite so please reserve time to revisit the locations for shopping after the tour! We end near the starting point, so it will be easy to find your way back to any shops.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

Yes, bathrooms are available at most of our food-tasting locations.

I don’t speak Spanish, will this be a problem?

Our tours are conducted in English but we can do it in Spanish or Russian upon request.


How do I pay for our tour? Can we buy tickets when we show up?

All tickets must be purchased in advance, up to ___3 hours before the tour. You can buy them with Paypal Visa, AMEX, or MasterCard from our website . Cash and/or walk-up traffic the day of the tours are unfortunately not accepted.

How far in advance do I have to purchase my tickets?

Tickets must be purchased in advance of the tour. Our tours tend to sell out and we do not take walk-ups nor do we accept cash. This is because of the agreement we have with our partners and insurance company.

Are there age restrictions?

Tours ages 15+ please. Babies and small children who will not be joining the food tastings do not need a ticket.

I missed my tour, can i have my money back? Cancellation policy?

Our tours are planned and paid for in advance. As such if you do not make it for your booked tour, we are unable to refund you the ticket cost.

I need to change my booking.

We understand that things happen and sometimes plans need to be altered, however if you are making changes within 7 days of your booking there will be a change fee involved depending on when you contact us.


How long will we be walking?

The tours are 2.5 - 3.5 hours and covers 2 miles/3 km which we walk at a moderate pace. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to sit down at some locations. Most walks are no more than 10 minutes at a stretch. They are easy walks and suitable for most people.

Is the tour wheelchair accessible? What if I have a baby stroller?

This is not a straight walk, Puerto is a city with cobblestone streets and can be hilly in places. That said, baby strollers are welcome on the tour. The Tour is not entirely wheelchair-accessible, Most, but not all of our food stops will be able to accommodate wheel chairs. Those that are not accessible will still provide the food tastings, which can be enjoyed outside

Can i bring my baby? Are young children welcomed on a tour?

Babies are welcome on the tour. If you have a baby please let us know at the time of booking so that we can try and accommodate the extra space at the venues. However, we ask you to use your judgment to determine if the tour is appropriate for them. Infants are free and children under 12 pay a discounted price. Babies and small children who will not be joining the food tastings do not need a ticket.

How physically fit do I need to be to take a tour?

The tours require a certain level of physical stamina. You will be on your feet for approximately 2 hours, tastings are on the go and seating can be limited. Be assured that by no means is this tour a hard experience, but you will need to be able to walk without assistance to really enjoy the experience with an open palate and mind.

What happens in adverse weather conditions? If it rains or snows, is the tour still on?

Absolutely! Rain, shine, or snow, we hold the tours. That’s how much we love the food! We ask you to check the weather before hand and dress appropriately. And don’t worry, tasting will occur indoors if needed as things don’t taste as good soggy. We also have ponchos we can provide as need be.

Are pets allowed on tours?

The only pets allowed are certified service animals.


Do we just walk around and sample food?

No way! Even though the food and drinks on the tour are amazing, Our tours combine architectural commentary, historical facts, local culture and culinary insight. Imagine walking through Puerto eating our local artisans’ most delicious foods while learning about the neighborhoods and meeting super nice people, real locals.

Do you offer private tours?

We do! If you want a private tour or want to bring a group of foodies with you, please contact us and we will see what we can do to make it happen.

Are gift certificates available

Absolutely. You can purchase gift certificates by clicking on our Gift Certificates page.

In return for awesome tour-guide-ism & delicious food what can we do for you?

Thanks for asking. We love reviews on Tripadvisor ! Also if your tour guide is super duper, throw them some gratuity love. If Facebook Twitter & Instagram are your thing, tag us and follow us, we give away free tours every now and then!

Still have questions? We´re happy to help you