The Puerto Food Tours Story

Every good project starts with a problem.

Ours was simple:

tourism in Puerto Escondido is getting boring.

The usual

Surfing in the morning, pool, then surfing in the afternoon, visit some lagoon or waterfall and then pub crawl at night. Ok, maybe one day see some dolphins and selfie with baby turtles. That’s getting more and more typical, and many think that’s all that Puerto has to offer.

Nope. You deserve better.

You are in the cultural heart of Mexico

The state of Oaxaca baby

Rich in diversity of people, dialects, clothes, traditions, and, most importantly – food (basically cultural centerpiece). We love to cook and to eat, and there’s such a variety of tacos, tlayudas, enchiladas, salsas, beverages, that one cannot help but also fall in love with it from the first try.

So, we started thinking

What can we do ? what should we do ?

and thinking …

How can we share that cultural richness of Puerto Escondido, in an exciting and informative way?
How can you know where to eat out during your stay? (other than that one restaurant down in the touristic area)
How did Puerto turn famous? (from a tiny fishing village to a popular destination)
What makes Mexican and Oaxacan food and culture so different from any other? (and how Oaxaca created its own cheese type)

and thinking …

We love traveling, and for several years, every time we were leaving Puerto for the next destination, we would go and try local food there: Mexico, Guatemala, Europe, Russia, Egypt, Bali… Every single time to return with more knowledge and more confidence that a food tour is a perfect way to learn about the place, culture, and to enjoy some delicious meals while making new friends. Perfect combo!

and more thinking

We believe Puerto Food Tours is more than just tasting some tacos. It’s about making you feel local and sharing our story with you: what is so special about Puerto Escondido and Oaxaca, why its food so delicious, how not to burn your mouth with Habanero, and way more 😛

And yes, you also get to taste all of it yourself


Puerto Food Tours Values

This is the fabric of our culture and the framework for all decisions made within the team .

Heads up, they tend to be contagious


To be genuine, to be vulnerable


Distill to the meaningful and balanced


Do what you love


Take risks and embrace where they take you


Exercise a nuanced, articulated understanding


Dwell on the good