Choose Your Walking Puerto Food Tour

Join our guided tasting tours that will take you on a walking culinary adventure through a selection of Puerto’s most famous neighborhoods. This unique experience combines food with historical, environmental and cultural insights.

Made in Oaxaca

$84 $79
9.6 Superb
Walk and discover the side of Puerto that tourists rarely see:…

México Mágico

$99 $89
9.2 Superb
Have fun with your friends and family in a delicious experience…

Zicatela Bites

$74 $84
6.8 Superb
Our beach side tour has a little of everything – classic…

What is a Puerto Food Tour?

You can call it whatever you want: a Food Tour, Culinary Tour, Foodie Tourism, Food Trips, Foodie Experience or as we like to call it, a memorable day in Puerto.

Which tour should we take?

Whichever tour you choose, you’ll finish it feeling like a local – with an insider view into the local life, a satisfied stomach, and the confidence to continue exploring the neighborhood.


Our recommendation is to book your tour for the beginning of your trip so you’ll be in the know for the remainder of your holiday.

Eat Like a Local

If you plan to visit Puerto, why don’t you combine your vacation trip with an eating adventure? Take a food journey through Puerto´s best dishes. Between bites, we’ll walk through alleys, flavors and history so you can get a glimpse of the real Puerto.

Discover The Flavors Of Mexico!

We are here to provide a unique culinary experience in Puerto Escondido … Explore & Find your travel moment