10 Romantic Things to Do in Puerto Escondido – A Couples Local’s Guide

Puerto Escondido is everything you’ve heard of, but it’s also a romantic destination located deep south Mexico, on the Pacific coast. If you’re looking for the perfect way to spend quality time with your significant other, I’ll share with you ten of the most romantic things to do in Puerto Escondido, including sunset walks, horseback riding, picnics, snorkeling, couple massages, and food.

Let’s disregard the generic activities you’d do anywhere considered a beach destination, such as a sunset walk along the beach. Of course, the beaches in Puerto Escondido are known for their stunning sunsets (believe me, they are totally overwhelming!), and walking along the water’s edge as the sun dips below the horizon is a truly romantic experience. 💑  ❤️ 🥰  Yes, yes, I know. 

But let me walk you through these ten options of romantic things to do in Puerto Escondido.

1 Go horseback riding.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to recreate the scene from the classic film “Gone with the Wind” where Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara ride off on horseback together, with the fiery sky of a sunset in the background?

Horse riding can be an unbelievably romantic activity. It offers a serene and charming environment, with beautiful scenery creating a stunning backdrop. The physical closeness of riding a horse together can promote intimacy, trust, and teamwork. The slow pace of riding enables relaxation, conversation, and the possibility of creating unique memories.

This is an ideal option for building lasting connections and special moments together.

There are several providers in the area that offer horseback riding, allowing you to explore the surrounding countryside in a unique way. I have two recommendations for you: a) go visit the Atotonilco hot springs while horseback riding; b) pick a tour with horseback riding, cross the Manialtepec lagoon by kayak, and finish on the beach Puerto Suelo for sunset. This activity won’t let you down if you’re a nature enthusiast. 

I’ll leave you these two websites to book this experience:



2 Have a picnic on the beach.

Imagine a soft sandy beach, the sound of waves in the background and the warm sun casting a golden glow. A blanket spread out on the sand, adorned with delicious food, from fresh fruit to tasty sandwiches, and a bottle of chilled wine or sparkling wine. The gentle sea breeze caressing your skin and the company of your partner by your side.

This is the perfect opportunity to socialize, chat and create beautiful memories together. It’s a moment of serenity, shared laughter, and stolen kisses while you enjoy each other’s company amidst the awe-inspiring beauty of the beach. With this experience time seems to stand still, and the mere pleasure of being together in a breathtaking setting makes it a memorable experience that sets the flames of romance on fire.

But hey! Please leave it to the experts, if you want to find a way to surprise your better half, you’ve got to do it. Imagine a very empty beach, just for you two, the best picnic setup, the kind of setup you usually see on magazines of professional photoshoots. Whether you want to have just a nice moment with your significant other or have a birthday celebration or maybe even have a proposal, this is definitely one of the best options. Once again, leave it to professionals.

My best recommendation for this is booking your experience with Sunshiny Tipi:


3 Go snorkeling.

If you love the ocean, this can be an incredibly romantic and enchanting experience for couples.

Imagine exploring the fascinating world beneath the waves hand in hand. The thrill of swimming with colorful fish, majestic turtles and dolphins, and coral reefs creates a sense of adventure and wonder that you can share with your loved one. The intimacy of this unique experience. The shared excitement of discovering the underwater world, splashing around playfully, adds a touch of romance to this extraordinary adventure.

Snorkeling offers the opportunity to escape from everyday life and embark on a magical underwater journey that creates unforgettable memories and deepens love amidst the wonders of nature. The waters around Puerto Escondido are home to an abundance of marine life, and exploring the underwater world together is a magical experience. Of course you can do this on your own, you could go to a variety of places including the central market to buy your equipment, or you could rent it. My recommendation is that you do it while learning scuba diving. 

I’ll share with you Big Wave Diving Facebook site so you can book this adventurous and exciting activity:


4 Take a couple massage.

A couple massage can be an incredibly romantic and rejuvenating experience. Imagine yourself in a tranquil spa setting with soft candlelight, soothing music, and the calming scent of essential oils in the air.

You and your partner enjoy a soothing massage side by side, feeling the gentle touch of experienced therapists as your stress melts away.

The shared experience of relaxation and pampering creates a deep sense of intimacy and connection. The physical touch, shared rest and attention to each other’s well-being can strengthen the romantic bond. It’s a time to relax, rejuvenate and nourish your body and soul together.

A couple massage is the perfect way to pamper yourselves, connect on a deeper level and create beautiful memories that will leave you both feeling rejuvenated and deeply connected.

Many hotels and resorts in the area offer couples massages, which are a great way to relax and rejuvenate together. Me, as a local, I always support local businesses, and of course I’m going to share with you my absolutely favorite masseuse. She is a local and her place is within the family property, located just a block down the main crossroad of Puerto Escondido. 

Of course she’s so amazing that she will only take you if you have an appointment. Contact her!


5 Go stargazing.

This is a deeply romantic experience that captures the wonder and beauty of the night sky. Imagine lying under a blanket with your better half, gazing up at a screen full of twinkling stars, feeling the warmth of each other’s presence, and being captivated by the vastness of the universe.

Stargazing is a romantic getaway that evokes a sense of wonder, awe, and everlasting love. The movie “The Fault in Our Stars” comes to my mind, with Hazel and Augustus lying on a blanket together in a beautiful Amsterdam Park, looking up at the stars and sharing deep conversations about life, love, and the universe. 

The night sky in Puerto Escondido is filled with stars, and finding a quiet spot to take in the beauty of the night sky is a romantic way to end the day. Yes, I know, this sounds generic, but there are non-conventional ways to do it, and one of my favorite ones is seasonal. You can go to watch a movie on the beach. Yes! That’s right. The beach club Playa Villasol offers beach cinema during non-rainy season (mid-November to mid-May). It’s always on Wednesdays at 19h, and it’s totally free!

You can always check the movie displayed on their Facebook page:


6 A Delicious Food Tour.

Wait what? Yes, food tour. This is one of the most unique experiences and one of the best things to do in Puerto Escondido, and believe me when I say this, if you consider yourself a foodie, don’t miss the chance to spend an afternoon doing a walking food tour.

I can’t think of something else that can bring together people the way food does.

Food is the perfect trigger for romance, awakening the senses and promoting intimacy between couples. From the tantalizing aroma of a gourmet feast to the shared enjoyment of culinary delights, it’s an experience for all the senses that stirs up passion and love. Food can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere where couples can connect.

A walking food tour in Puerto Escondido an experience that involves all of your senses, and you’ll get to know Mexican culture from its very heart: its gastronomy. With Puerto Food Tours, you have two routes to explore, one is called Mexico Mágico, and the other one (and my favorite) Made in Oaxaca. Either way, I can guarantee, it’s a very unique experience. You can book a group experience or private experience, that’s totally up to you.

Here you have the link to book this for you and your Bae:


7 Bioluminescence.

This experience will add a touch of magic to romance, as its captivating glow creates a fascinating and otherworldly atmosphere. Watching the soft blue-green or white light of bioluminescent water of the lagoon is an intimate and unforgettable experience.

It’s a unique natural phenomenon that enhances the atmosphere and promotes bonding.

I know you’ve heard a lot about this. Here are some things not many people know. First, we have two places to go, they are not in Puerto Escondido, but the service providers will take you, or you could get there by public transport.

One of them is Manialtepec Lagoon, the other one is Chacahua. Both offer an amazing experience. You’ve got to consider that the phenomenon is visible when there’s no moon, at least is when it’s actually worth it.

In the case of Manialtepec, which is around 15 minutes from Puerto, look for a tour that starts in the afternoon. They take you through the lagoon and the river towards Puerto Suelo beach, where you can eat and spend the afternoon, then, they take you back  so you can see the bioluminescence. This is a tour you won’t be able to book online, my recommendation is that you get to Puerta del Sol in Manialtepec and ask for it.

In the case of Chacahua, it’s more common to go and spend the entire day on the town, which is an island, and same as before, they will take you back through the lagoon for the bioluminescence experience, this lagoon is bigger than Manialtepec, and it’s further from Puerto Escondido. In any case, you’ll have to take an engine boat (a “lancha”). And personally, I love swimming at night in the lagoon

Here you have this to book other Manialtepec experiences and Chacahua for bioluminescence:



8 Hiking or nature walk.

How interested are you in outdoor activities?

This is something you can do for free. This activity allows you to switch off from the distractions of everyday life and connect with each other on a deeper level. Overcoming challenges during this experience can create a sense of accomplishment and connection.

The tranquilly of the wilderness can provide a serene and romantic setting for quiet moments.

There is a group of foreigners who meet to hike to discover the breathtaking places around Puerto Escondido. This has been around since the pandemics, and I seriously think it’s a great idea to meet up with your partner. Fresh air, breathtaking views, and sincere conversations.

Here’s the link where you can find them:


9 Coffee plantation visit.

Are you a coffee lover? Well, I got you some news. This will be a unique and romantic experience that combines the love for coffee with the beauty of nature.

Can you imagine wandering through green coffee fields with your partner, inhaling the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and learning about the fascinating journey from coffee bean to cup?

A lot of people ignore this, but the region of Oaxaca has rich coffee production and has several coffee plantations, the other two states in Mexico with great coffee are Veracruz and Chiapas. A coffee plantation visit can be a fascinating experience, allowing you to learn about the organic coffee in the beautiful surroundings of Puerto Escondido. And here’s a secret: Puerto Escondido became a town thanks to coffee. And even though you can try amazing Oaxacan coffee in town, you’ll need to go north to visit a coffee plantation. 

Although you have several options to choose from, here I give you my top choice of coffee plantations for you to take a tour.

  • Pluma Hidalgo Coffee Plantation: Pluma Hidalgo is the biggest coffee-growing region near Puerto Escondido. You can visit coffee plantations in Pluma Hidalgo and learn everything about coffee cultivation. You’ll enjoy coffee tastings, and you’ll probably want to purchase coffee beans to take home.
  • Finca Las Nieves: Located in San Juan Lachao, Finca Las Nieves is a nice coffee farm that offers guided tours. You’ll get to know everything from planting to harvesting. This is another great choice near Puerto Escondido.

10 Fine dinner.

Of course, this is also something you may do anywhere in the world, but for heaven’s sake, you’re in the state of Oaxaca, there is no better place in the world to enjoy a good meal.

A fine dinner is a classic and timeless way to kick off a romantic evening. When I’ve a special occasion, I choose between two places in the Rinconada area. Both have an author’s cuisine, and both chefs are locals. This is, of course, a very nice way to spoil your better half.

Advance reservations aren’t required, but I recommend them. They’re very flexible when you ask them for special things to be prepared. Even though the menu is short, I’m thrilled with the variety of dishes and the uniqueness. Both places have somewhat high prices, but it’s definitely worth it. One of the places is called Almoraduz. They always use local products there and come up with very interesting, memorable creations. The other is Metxcalli (my favorite!). Here I really feel pampered and at home. So put on your best clothes and enjoy the night!

So, there you go. But before concluding this, I’m going to reveal a nice place in case all you want is a nice spot for a romantic sunset. This one, I discovered it recently. It’s an almost empty beach, like 15 minutes away from Puerto Escondido. This beautiful beach is called Agua Dulce (you could even take part into a releasing of baby turtles). You’re welcome! 😉

I really hope you enjoy your time in Puerto Escondido, and that you find in these romantic things to do and see in Puerto Escondido the best experiences of your life. Thank you for supporting the local economy! 

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